The Hydro Vac Prince George Uses for Fast, Safe Excavation

Need a hydro vac in Prince George or elsewhere in Western Canada? Our hydro vacuum unit at Hurricane High Pressure Wash Ltd is a quick, cost-effective way to gain access to oil pipelines, water mains and underground natural gas, even in the case of frozen ground or hardened lime scale. Many of our oil and gas and other clients rely on our hydro vac services to take care of digging and cleaning tasks such as the following:

  • Drilling mud recovery
  • Frac tank cleaning
  • Excavation in frozen ground
  • Pipe and line installation
  • Exposure of live gas and oil distribution
  • Drilling rig cleaning

Hydro Vac Truck

Our sturdily built, top-of-the-line hydro vac truck can expose a variety of underground infrastructures and provides a non-destructive way for our professional operator to dig down into the necessary area. By using this pressurized water and vacuum system, we can quickly and safely do potholing and daylighting, piling hole excavation, slot trenching and more. Call us to talk about our hydro vac capabilities when you need them.

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